Frequently Asked Questions

What are the range of services offered by Bro Môn?2021-02-17T14:59:31+00:00

Bro Môn invites enterprises and organisations to take advantage of its collective and individual expertise, knowledge and practical experience to help with:

  • the set up their initiatives, including advice on organisational structure;
  • how to obtain funding;
  • writing bids for funding;
  • lobbying for support of the initiative;
  • signpost to, or involve, others that can offer additional support for new initiatives, existing enterprises and organisations such as Business Wales, the Wales Cooperative Centre and all those community oriented and developmental organisations on the island including Menter Môn, Medrwn Môn, Môn Communities Forward, Town and Community Councils, and Anglesey County Council.
How does the process of getting Bro Môn support work?2020-11-11T14:35:39+00:00

Simply, fill in the online Contact Us form on our website.

Will I have to pay for Bro Môn services and, if so, how much?2020-11-11T14:37:42+00:00

The service with Bro Môn begins with a discussion with a potential client and an offering of basic advice for which there is no charge. If further support is required any charge for services will only be made after discussion and agreement with a client.

Does Bro Môn work with other organisations to help its clients and, if so, do they charge for their services?2020-11-11T14:38:37+00:00

Yes, Bro Môn does work with other organisations and will only signpost to those organisations if it is believed that will be of use and is agreed by the client. Most organisations Bro Môn work with, or refer to, operate on a similar basis of no charge unless there is a need to so and only then after discussion and agreement with a client.

Will there be a written agreement for the support to be offered by Bro Môn?2020-11-11T14:40:31+00:00

Yes, Bro Môn believes this a key document for helping a client. The agreement will set out the agreed purpose of the support including a programme of activity to assist a client.

How quickly will my enquiry be acknowledged and dealt with by Bro Môn?2020-11-11T16:31:52+00:00

All online enquiries will be acknowledged on receipt and a follow up call will be made within 2 working days to discuss the next steps.

Will I be assigned a specific person from Bro Môn to support me?2020-11-11T16:32:30+00:00

Yes, it is the aim of Bro Môn to assign a lead Director with relevant experience to assist each client based on their enquiry. The Bro Môn lead will involve other Directors as necessary and agree with the client.

Is the Bro Môn service confidential and what are the Bro Môn privacy policies?2020-11-11T16:33:01+00:00

The Bro Môn services are confidential and will strictly conform with GDPR regulations and the company Privacy Policy on our website.

Is there a Complaints Procedure?2020-11-11T16:33:27+00:00

Yes, Bro Môn does have a formal Complaints Procedure which is published on our website.

What can I expect from using Bro Môn?2020-11-11T16:35:26+00:00

A friendly arm around the shoulder from a group of Directors whose collective experience is such that they can give sensible guidance and advice to its clients. You will also be invited to become a member of Bro Môn, the benefits of which are listed on our website.