Bro Môn Services

Bro Môn, learning from the experience of Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog, will provide new and sharing opportunities that might not otherwise be available to individual social enterprises, initiatives or organisations due to constraints on their size, structure and resources.

Bro Môn will facilitate the sharing of:

  • resources, including the possibilities for sharing staff and/or volunteers;
  • skills;
  • experiences and expertise;
  • capacity to deliver on larger project opportunities;
  • ideas for new markets;
  • knowledge; and
  • ideas on how to, either individually or collectively, access grant and sponsorship funding backed up by high quality applications.

Bro Môn will provide its clients with a:

  • prompt initial consultation following an enquiry;
  • formal agreement as to any further advice or work to be undertaken;
  • designated Director who will oversee the client relationship;
  • written plan for action, advice or advocacy; and a
  • confidential service.

Bro Môn will be mindful of, and seek to mitigate, the following common pitfalls:

  • a lack of clarity about the service to be provided to the client;
  • no proper safeguards for when things go wrong;
  • time delays; and
  • a lack of transparency and trust.

Therefore, Bro Môn will:

  • use clear and transparent communications facilitating trust, openness and honesty between members;
  • look for shared values when working with clients;
  • be clear on purpose, aims and objectives;
  • be realistic about costs, if involved;
  • be realistic about the risks and issues to be faced;
  • use expert help appropriately;
  • clearly document agreements, roles and responsibilities.